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For more than 25 years, McKinley Painting, Inc., has created distinctive, thoughtful interior and exterior work for the Bay Area community that endures and inspires. Our work is of incomparable quality, and we bring integrity, professionalism and experience to the color consultation and painting process.

In every project…

We provide premium paint solutions with expert approaches.

We provide a premium solution to the complete home, not just paint, but a whole house system.

Top of mind for us is customer service, the safety and health of our clients and executing quality with each project.

There was really good communication. He has a good crew of guys working for him with a very experienced crew leader. They were very cooperative, very respectful of the property.

What was good was the contrast between a contractor we had a few months earlier putting in new windows who was very weird about responding to any questions about how he was going to go about his work. McKinley was a real pleasure, being totally the opposite of that. His communication is very good. He offers advice and is very clear about what they're going to do and how they're going to do the work. I think they did a very nice, very professional job. I'm quite satisfied.

Peter MartinOakland , California

It was an excellent experience. They were consistent, reliable and really easy to work with. What I liked most was their patience with me . I think it takes two or three rounds of seeing how the colors go together and how they'll look, and you need somebody with a good palate - a good sense of that - to be able to do it. McKinley was really patient with finding a color with me, and he kept going until we got the right one. And also, they did really good, quality work. The color consultation was beyond helpful - critical.

Vicki BernholzOakland, California

McKinley is a very pleasant and very knowledgeable guy. He's got a good eye and is able to answer all kinds of questions about the colors and kind of paints. In addition, it's obvious he hasn't hired some stiffs off the street; these guys are quite knowledgeable and skillful painters. And so, the quality of the paint being ordered, the workers that work for him and his knowledge all work together . He has done what I would call a very spectacular job. I am astonished, and if you want to come look at it, you're welcome to do it!

Vito LabBerkeley , California