About McKinley Painting

McKinley Thompson was born and raised in the Bay Area. He makes every effort to positively affect the local communities he loves with work of exquisite quality and impeccable ethics. McKinley understands that the nature of interior/exterior painting is to intrude on one’s space, so he and his team take great care to make that transition – from initial consultation to completion – as simple, seamless and comfortable as possible.

At McKinley Painting, we believe in an ongoing relationship and continuity with our clients. We take the position that the job’s not done even when it’s done, meaning that even a year later, the client can still call for additional work, which is even free if still under warrantee.

McKinley Painting prioritizes constant communication and thinks about each client’s needs and circumstances ahead of time. This ensures a plan of action that respects both property and privacy. Then, every step of work is placed under careful scrutiny to make certain of McKinley’s standard of quality and keep the result in alignment with the client’s vision.

McKinley Painting is in the process of becoming a Certified Green Business and offers an exciting array of “green” painting solutions for eco-minded projects. McKinley believes strongly in minimizing the impact of each painting job (on both the client and the environment), which is why he’s pleased to offer “green” paints and “green product” consulting.