Color Consultation

Create Your ‘Dream Space’ with Color By McKinley

Take the indecision out of the color selection process, enliven your environment and create with color! McKinley Thompson has been designing with color and working with artists, architects and builders on color conceptualization for more than 25 years. He has an intuitive sense for identifying what a space needs and selecting colors – from soft whites to brilliant, radiant colors – that will harmonize beautifully together. McKinley will guide you past the “endless possibilities” and through the selection process in a way that is finite, fun and enlightening (for you and your space).

Realize your vision and transform your environment (interior or exterior) with an in-depth color consultation with McKinley Thompson.

What to Expect from a Color Consultation:

“With my color expertise and extensive understanding of how colors relate to one another, we will explore a range of possibilities. Take the stress and worry away from the color selection process through an amazing experience that we’ll create together. Enlighten and rejuvenate your space, energize or soften it . Make a statement with color.”
– McKinley Thompson

• We will begin by creating a palate that enhances and enriches your space. Here, we brainstorm and examine what types of colors appeal to you – and how these relate to your immediate environment.

• Using my experience and sense of color relationships, I will guide you within your chosen color palate and narrow down what appeals to you. This helps to lessen the stress and confusion that can otherwise occur during the color selection process.

• Once the palate is identified, we will look at several colors for each application, whether it’s an interior or exterior. Typically, we will allot enough time to choose three different scenarios for exteriors. For interiors, we will select up to five colors.

• Once we make the selections, we can either purchase and apply the color samples (additional cost) or have you purchase them and apply them.

Sometimes it’s necessary to schedule another consult to finalize the color selection and view them (additional fee).

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Color Consultation Packages

Option 1: $150 for a one-hour consult during which we will go through steps 1-4 from above.
Option 2: $225 for a two-hour consult during which we will spend additional time determining a greater number of rooms colors or a larger variety of options.
Option 3: Hourly color consultation ($100/hour + $125 for the first hour; minimum of four hours) for larger-scale color projects or those requiring extra time.

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