Our Green Commitment

Now more than ever, we are seeking ways to preserve our planet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. McKinley Painting offers a wide range of “green” paints for clients seeking eco-friendly painting solutions or with environmentally sensitive projects. We primarily use low-impact Yolo paints and a “green line” of Benjamin Moore paints for such projects.

These paints range from low VOC to no VOC, meaning the organic compounds released into the atmosphere are less toxic and more environmentally friendly.

McKinley Painting is in the process of becoming a Certified Green Business. McKinley Thompson believes strongly in minimizing the impact to both your home and the environment during the painting process. He is pleased to offer “green product” consulting to help you decide if low/no VOC paints are right for you – and which eco-friendly options would best suit the project.

Realize a brighter vision for your home (and your world) with McKinley “green” painting solutions.